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ICEF is the choice of excellence for every aspiring professional football player willing to exceed their limits and succeed on and off the field. Positive ICEF values of sportsmanship, friendship, and humility forges the next generation of leaders that will bring respect, self-discipline, and commitment to the sports industry. Part of the ICEF mission is to prepare them for life’s challenges with a disciplined mindset to optimize their performance on and off the pitch.

Students typically enroll on an annual basis starting in early September through the end of June.

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The innovative International Center of European Football's technical program is inspired and based on the French Federation of Football's official program and Best-in-class European methodologies. Programs are constructed to meet age-specific objectives and go far beyond mere technical repetition, training players to confidently make smart, efficient decisions in competitive game situations.

The educational philosophy of the International Center of European Football is to build smart players capable of making the right decisions during moments of high pressure during intense game situations – physically tough and mentally strong. Players develop skills to analyze the game and exploit opportunities physically, mentally, technically, and tactically.

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The most exportable players in the world

French Soccer methodology is recognized around the world for its proven ability to identify, prepare and develop players with what it takes to succeed at the professional level. Many of the world’s top players today, most recently Killian Mbappe, are products of the French training program.

According to a 2018 study lead by Football Expert Darko Dukic, 52 football players (almost 2 teams) participating in the 2018 World Cup were born French demonstrating that over the last two decades, French professional players are very attractive for international football clubs, way above Brazilian, Spaniards, German or British players. In total 216 French players playing at the highest level of football competition throughout the world since 2002 (against 148 for second most attractive country Brazil).

The French methodology leads to an outstanding preparation, a smart innovative vision of the game and an impeccable work-ethic.



ICEF Technical Director, Eric Caballero is a recognized FFF technical expert, known for implementinginnovative education and training for the highest-performing clubs in France. He is responsible for setting ICEF’s highest standards for European youth player development.

Caballero is the author of 3 technical and tactical books translated in 4 languagesand sold throughout Europe, Caballero also serves as an official trainer for the next generation of coaches in France.

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