12th graders in testing!

SAT / ACT Exams for College Preparation

For the past two weeks, our 12th graders, who are preparing for the next level in their academic careers, took their ACT / SAT exams in Switzerland.

At the International Center of European Football student-athletes receive support to succeed in their football development but also in their academic paths and prepare for ACT / SAT tests to enter colleges and universities in the United States.

Student-athletes Prepare for Higher Academic Opportunities

On a daily basis, not only 12 graders, but all residents get help from their teachers at their high school ‘Sainte-Croix-des-Neiges’ but also from their counselor at the center to get ready for college scholarships.

ICEF’s teachers are proud to announce that our students received praise from their teachers who acknowledged their hard work. They have shown impeccable work ethic, organization skills and behavior. As a result, their grades are very good, with the majority finishing 2019 with As and Bs.

ICEF - International Center of European Football
ICEF - International Center of European Football